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You were sick, but now you're well, and there's work to do.

so, this would be the project I started last night in earnest around ten PM or so and finished today around 11 AM. I had to design my own superhero, so I designed Medic (aka Luke Adams). backstory and such below!

Born Luke Adams, he was a normal kid until his diagnosis of leukemia at age 16. After two years of treatment, he was beginning to lose hope, until a mysterious doctor offered him an experimental surgery as a cure. With his family and friends unaware of the risky nature of the procedure, he went under the knife, emerging not only cancer-free, but with the ability to heal the living organic tissue of himself and others. 

Surprised at these powers, he tried to find his mystery surgeon, only to find no trace of the man. For five years, Adams travelled the world, a wandering healer who attempted to train his own powers while he searched for his creator. In his journey, however, he realized that the amount of good he could do was simply not enough for him.

Returning to the States, he enrolled in medical school, in the interests of learning more about his powers while helping the sick discreetly. Knowing he would be unable to study himself alone, he enlisted the help of a fellow student who specialized in medical equipment, entrusting her with his secret. 

Before long, she began to create gadgets and weapons for him out of repurposed medical supplies that he could supplant his powers with, leading him to spend his off hours as a costumed vigilante known as Medic. 

Wandering the streets, he is both savior and enforcer, healing the wounded while stopping the infection at its source. Still he searches to learn more about his powers in the hopes that someday, he will not bear his burden alone. 

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