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Anonymous: 13 & 14

13. Are you comfortable being seen nude/semi-naked by family and friends?

For the most part, yes. I’d like to be in somewhat better shape (he says while eating ice cream, hah) but I’m overall decently happy with how I look. And I spent a lot of years as a theatre kid, so I’ve been comfortable in my own skin for awhile. 

14. Are you comfortable being seen nude/semi-naked by partners in a non-sexual context?

I really like it, actually. I hate when people turn out the lights before sex for that same reason. If I’m with someone, I’m into them, and want to see them for who they are, while they see the same with me. 

Anonymous: Sexy gay guy!

you are not at the right house, sir

oh fuck yes Young Fathers is coming into our studio and I’m interviewing them yes

Anonymous: 25, 29, 39, 40, 43, 47

All answered!

Anonymous: 2, 5, 15, 20, 21, 22, 26, 30

2. 5 favorites?

Neck, collarbones, hips, back, upper legs. Honestly, in general, there’s something really nice about when people don’t just grab wildly, but sort of explore your body. 

5. Balls?


15. Do you have naked pictures/videos?

I’ve taken them, but naw. What would I even do with them, haha?

20. How big?

Mm, I’m gonna say come off anon for this one. But I’ll tell you exact details if you do.

21. Curvy?

Nahh, not really. Maybe a tiny bit back towards me. 

22. Circumcised?

Yup. I’ve never really cared one way or another, but it’s fairly convenient, I think.

26. Do you like the way you look down there?

I’m cool with it, yeah. I mean, they’ve served me well, and that’s mostly what I care about. The scar above my dick is a little annoying, though. Always have to explain it.

30. How do you tuck?

I honestly had to think about this, but it’s super interesting to me. I think I tuck it to the right usually, but I’m not sure!

Anonymous: 25. 29. 33. 39. 16. 43. 47. 49.

16. How many?


25. Genitals?


29. Hair preference?

I tend to let people do what they wish, but when I’m sleeping with someone on a regular basis, I prefer trimmed at least. It’s what I go by, just cause it makes things easier and I don’t feel it’s that hard to maintain. I’m not like grossed out by body hair, I just think it makes things easier when it’s at least kept under control.

33. Longest?

On my own, two hours when I was on some stupid medication that messed with my sex drive. It was the most frustrating experience, haha. Sex-wise, probably an hour or two? I haven’t really kept track. But I tend to go for a few sessions rather than one insanely long one. Then you can cuddle/watch netflix/hydrate in between. HYDRATION IS V IMPORTANT.

39. Sex in public?

The most public I’ve had was the side of the road in a car with an ex of mine, otherwise, not really!

43. Group sex?

Haven’t had, am certainly interested. I’d want it to be with friends/strangers, though, not with any sort of people who I am romantically involved with or are romantically involved with each other.

47. Boners?


49. Webcam?


Anonymous: it's called Billy and Me and it's by Giovanna Fletcher. not the greatest read in the world, but the protagonist is quite adorable.

well hey, thank you! and if you’d like to come off of anon, I’d more than welcome it!

Anonymous: 19, 25, 47, 48

19. Underwear?

I’ve typically been a boxers guy for a long time, and the reason is pretty unspectacular. I’ve got a large scar below my navel, and it gets a little sore sometimes if I’ve got something especially tight against it. I have started to branch out into other types of underwear, though, although I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing. Normal clothing, I’m golden. But underwear, I’m like a confused woodland creature.

25. Do you find genitals attractive/gross?

My own, it’s just like there, dude, and I’m not attracted to dicks. But I do find vaginas attractive, yeah. Which has to be the stupidest sounding sentence I have typed today. But seriously, yes, I find them attractive, extremely. 

47. Worst place for a boner?

Think I already answered, but church, dude. Church.

48. Have you sexted?


Anonymous: so i'm reading this book about a movie star who is english and very nice and sweet and basically the perfect man and i keep imagining you as him. like if my interpretation of the book was a movie in my mind, you would be cast as the guy. so yeah, thanks for doing that.

Oh man, you are way too kind to me. I am curious what this book is, though?

gonna answer all of the asks that I get tonight, but will probably delete them after, just for cleanliness sake. my theme looks all wonky with them.

answering all these asks has been hella fun and all but oh man it has not done anything good to my level of sexual frustration

Anonymous: 9.

I’ve done light bondage and dom/sub stuff, and I had a lot of fun. I tend to go more for what my partner is into as far as that, but I personally don’t have any interest in being a sub. Playing with power is fun, though, and rough (with boundaries and communication) sex can be an absolute blast. Again, though, it just comes down to what my partner wants and is comfortable with.

im gonna be hot in a few years i swear

ivesseenmorespineinjellyfish: Because i can't sleep, 27 & 50

27. Do you like your butt?

Nooope. It’s like barely a piece of plywood. Lots of my friends give me a hard time about it. I mean, it’s not the worst thing, but I definitely lack any sort of cute butt.

50. Phone sex?

Not over a phone call, no. But I do think about that Say Anything song “I Can Get Sexual Too” whenever I hear about phone sex. Cause it’s the best.

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